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Extended Project

Extended Project Level 3


Year 12

Year 13

Extended Project is offered at BGN to fulfil our statutory obligation to provide General Religious Education in Key Stage 5. It is a Level 3 Qualification aimed at challenging and extending pupils. Extended Project is a 100% Coursework qualification.

Lessons are a combination of class teaching, independent work, and one-to-one tutorials.


By the end of Year 12 students are expected to have:

  • Decided on their project title in the form of a question and written their project proposal plan.
  • Researched appropriate source material, evaluated its reliability, and referenced it appropriately with evaluation of sources used.
  • Completed the Year 12 work and have written a 2500-3000 word literature review criteria.
  • 2500 word analysis of research.

There is limited scope for students involved in creative subjects such as Art, Music, Product Design or Drama to produce an artistic piece.

By submission in Year 13, students are expected to have:

  • Reached a conclusion to answer their project title.
  • Completed the written project by writing an Abstract, Introduction, Contents page etc.
  • Written an evaluation of their project.
  • Written and delivered a presentation about their project to a panel by first week of November for January entry.


As the course requires the submission of one extended piece of writing the final mark for the course can only be given on submission of a completed project.

There are interim deadlines and students will be given an indication of how their project is progressing, however no marks will be awarded for unfinished projects.


It is an expectation that all set deadlines are met and final completed project is submitted by January of Year 13.

Links Well With:

All other A level subjects’ students are studying – the Extended Project qualification counts towards the total UCAS points of students, so it can make a real difference in your options for university.

Progression Routes:

Extended Project is designed to complement other subjects and provide additional academic and personal skills training. The skills developed should prove valuable in most areas of further study or the workplace. For students aiming for employment after completing their A levels, the Extended Project Qualification is invaluable as it demonstrates an ability to work without supervision and to see a project through to completion.

Entry Requirements:

The Extended Project is compulsory for all Sixth Form students at BGN.