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Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sixth Form Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Blessed George Napier
Catholic School and Sixth Form
Youth Sport Trust Lead School

Part of the Pope Francis Catholic Multi Academy Company

Physical Education

Aims of the department

  • To inspire and foster, in all students, a lifelong love of healthy living and physical activity.
  • To provide opportunities and experience of competitive sport for all students.
  • To inspire and encourage students of all abilities to participate and enjoy all aspects of Physical Education.
  • To provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced with a wide variety of activities and experience of a variety of sporting roles offering equal access to all.
  • To differentiate programmes to meet the needs of those physically gifted as well as those whose physical ability/skill is developing.
  • To encourage all students to experience at least one of the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer.
  • To instil into students the sound social and moral attitudes of ‘fair play’, sportsmanship and team spirit.
  • To equip students with knowledge and understanding to take up worthwhile leisure activities


Key Stage 3

Students in Years 7 - 9 have 4 hours of PE a fortnight. The curriculum offers a good range of activities: Football, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Trampolining, Badminton, Health Related Fitness, Gymnastics, Tennis, Athletics, Cross-Country Running, Cricket, Rounders, Orienteering, Sport Education and Leadership.

Key Stage 4

Students in Years 10 and 11 have 4 hours of PE a fortnight. Students opt to follow either a performance or leadership pathway. Both pathways contain a variety of activities. The work places more emphasis on students taking a variety of sport linked roles: performers, coaches, officials and analysts. The leadership course prepares the students to lead classes in our feeder primary schools and organise various festivals.

In addition to Core PE, GCSE PE is a popular option.


The course is assessed through a combination of practical and theoretical methods. The theoretical aspects are worth 40% and the practical aspects 60%. There are now three awards available, Short Course, Full Course and Double Award (worth 2 GCSE’s). Which one students will be entered for depends upon the following factors:

  • Performance during Key Stage 3
  • Commitment to extra-Curricular clubs and school teams
  • Potential and how hard students work during the course
  • Ability as a performer and in a number of alternative roles
  • Progression through the varying aspects of each stage of the course

It is expected that most students will complete the full course with a good number being suitable for the Double Award. A small few will find that the short course offers their best chance for success.

Rest assured that students will be entered onto the appropriate course and the one in which we judge them to have the best opportunity of doing well!

Of course many of our students will want to be assessed as players/performers and there is still a compulsory element that includes assessment in this capacity. However there is now wider scope and opportunity for students who may not be so practically talented or have the depth of practical ability needed for success in the past.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, students can study for an AS and A2 in Physical Education.

Sixth Form PE

All Year 12 students follow an enrichment curriculum for 1 hour on a Wednesday afternoon.  Students have the opportunity to take part in structured activities e.g. Golf, Gaelic, Coaching or Junior Football Organisers course as well as the traditional sports on offer. Some students will also follow a Community Leaders Award, specialising in playground leaders, sports clubs or non- traditional clubs.