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Year 12

Year 13

Did you know Spain was a Fascist dictatorship until 1975?  Do you like Spanish music or cinema?  Did you know that tourism accounts for 12% of Spain’s economy? These are some of the things that you will learn about in A Level Spanish.


This is a 2 year linear course assessed at the end of Year 13.


Theme 1: The Evolution of Spanish Society.

Theme 2: Political and artistic culture in Spanish speaking countries.



Theme 3:   Immigration and Spanish multicultural society.

Theme 4: The Francoist dictatorship and the transition to democracy.


Paper 1: (1 hour and 50 minutes) (40%)

Listening, reading and translation into English


Paper 2: (2 hours and 40 minutes) (30%)

  1. Translation into Spanish.
  2. Essay on the novel ‘Como agua para chocolate’ by Laura Esquivel.
  3. Essay on the film, ‘Mar Adentro’.


Paper 3: Speaking test (21 – 23 minutes) (30%)

Task 1:  Students discuss one theme from the four listed    above.

Task 2:  Students present and discuss a topic they have independently researched.


Links Well With: 

Spanish links well with any A level as it is a subject that gives you skills to operate in any field, including Maths and Science.  From a linguistic perspective, it links well with English and French. However, languages also provide an insight into another culture and society; the course content links well to subjects such as Art, Geography, History, Music, Philosophy and Ethics and Sociology.

Progression Routes:                        

Students can go on to study Spanish at university with the focus on a range of specialisms.  Many universities also offer courses where you can study a language as an additional unit or module to your main subject and even offer study or work placements abroad. Speaking a language opens the door to the whole spectrum of employment possibilities.

Entry Requirements:   

GCSE Grade 6 Spanish.