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Year 12

Year 13

This is a 2-year linear assessment of both practical skills and subject knowledge. This will be assessed at the end of Year 13.


In Year 12 you will study:


  1. Biological molecules
  2. Cells
  3. Organisms exchange substances with their environment
  4. Genetic information, variation, and relationships between organisms

A level grades will be based only on marks from written exams.

A separate endorsement of practical skills will be taken alongside the A level. This will be assessed by teachers and will be based on direct observation of students’ competency in a range of skills that are not assessable in written exams.

Links Well With:

Biology links particularly well with Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Psychology and Geography.

Progression Routes:

Biology A level will give you the skills to make connections and associations with all living things around you. Biology literally means the ‘study of life’ and if that’s not important, what is? Being such a broad topic, you’re bound to find a specific area of interest, plus it opens the door to a fantastic range of interesting careers.

According to, the top seven degree courses taken by students who have an A level in Biology are:

• Biology

• Psychology

• Sport and exercise science

• Medicine

• Anatomy

• Physiology and Pathology Pharmacology

• Toxicology and Pharmacy Chemistry.

Entry Requirements:

GCSE Grade 6 in both Combined Sciences or Grade 6 in Biology.

GCSE Grade 5 English and Maths are also required.