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Year 12

Year 13

Did you know that Polish is the second most spoken language in England? Or that it was a Polish person who first discovered that the Earth rotates? Or that Marie Curie-Sklodowska, who was Polish, became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person – man or woman – to win the award twice!

Or that the famous Hollywood actors and actresses such as Scarlet Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Pattison have Polish roots?

There are a couple of other interesting things you will learn about in A Level Polish.

This is a 2 year linear course assessed at the end of

Year 13.

Theme 1: Aspects of Polish-speaking society; past and

 current trends

  • The Polish family
  • The evolution of the digital world in Poland
  • Social diversity and mobility in Poland
  • Impact of emigration on Polish society

Theme 2:  Political and artistic culture in Poland past

and present.

  • Festivals and traditions
  • Polish cultural life

Theme 3: Aspects of political life in Poland past and present.

  • Poland and the European Union
  • Polish politics and young people


Paper 1: Reading and writing (2 hours 30 minutes) –

42.5% of A level

  • Reading
  • Writing based on individual research:

Research Topics:

  • Poland during the Communist era
  • Racism in Poland
  • Tourism in Poland
  • The resistance movement in Poland during World War ll



          ●              Translation into English



Paper 2: Writing (2 hours) – 20% of A Level

Two essays based on set literary texts and/or films


Paper 3:  Listening, reading, and writing (2 hours) – 37.5%

of A level

●        Listening, reading and translation into Polish



Links Well With:

Polish links well with Travel and Tourism, Translation, and Interpreting.

Progression Routes:

The course aims to provide a suitable foundation for those who wish to study further and obtain a qualification in Polish Language studies and can also be a passport to a Translator’s or an Interpreter’s job in the future. Polish at undergraduate level is offered for example by Oxford University, The University of Cambridge, The University of Birmingham, and The University of Sheffield. BA and MA in Translation and interpreting are offered by London Metropolitan University.  Polish A Level is accepted by a number of Universities in the UK.

Poland’s economic, political, and cultural strength offers exciting and promising opportunities to graduates with a degree in Polish. As Polish is the 2nd most common language in the UK this formal qualification can be useful in the wider world of work.

Entry Requirements:

GCSE Grade 6 Polish.  The course is also designed for students who are advanced in spoken and written Polish but did not have opportunities to take Polish GCSE.